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Forged Down Under

Australia's First Filmed Knife Making Competition

We put some of Australia's best blacksmiths to the test in a series of challenges competing for the ultimate prize of Australia's first Forged Down Under Champion!

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Get access to behind-the-scenes, interviews, Q&A sessions and more!

Forged Down Under Overview

If you're a fan of reality TV competition shows or a fan of Knife Making and Blacksmithing then get ready for the all-new Aussie Made, 'Forged Down Under.' The show features a group of skilled Australian blacksmiths who will battle it out in intense challenges that push their craft to the limit.

Each episode will see the makers face off in a series of grueling challenges designed to test their blades' sharpness, durability, and overall craftsmanship. These challenges will push the contestants to their limits and showcase their unique skills and styles, all while working with a range of different materials and tools.

But the competition is not just about who can make the sharpest or most beautiful knife. To win 'Forged Down Under,' the makers must also demonstrate their ability to work under pressure, improvise in unexpected situations, and meet tight deadlines.

With expert judges scrutinising every detail of their work, the contestants must show off their knowledge of different techniques and styles proving their adaptability and creativity by taking on surprise challenges that test their skills in new and unexpected ways.

Along the way, viewers will get a glimpse into the world of blacksmithing learning about the tools, techniques, and traditions that go into creating works of art. From the forging process to the final touches, 'Forged Down Under' offers a behind-the-scenes look at this unique craft and the people who are dedicated to it.

So get ready for the ultimate blacksmithing showdown as Australia's finest compete for the title of champion in 'Forged Down Under.' This exciting new series is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat!

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