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Forged Down Under

Our very own Australian reality TV competition show features skilled knife makers and blacksmiths battling it out in intense challenges designed to test their craft. The show pushes makers to their limits and showcases their unique skills and styles as they work with a range of different materials and tools. With expert judges scrutinising every detail of their work, the knife makers and blacksmiths must demonstrate their knowledge of different techniques and styles, as well as their adaptability and creativity. 'Forged Down Under' offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of forging, blacksmithing and knife making and the people who are dedicated to this unique craft.



Savage Maker Supplies is the hub for knife making supplies in Australia, providing high quality knife making supplies to Australia and beyond! Made by makers, for makers.  


Created as an off-shoot of Savage Custom Knives & Savage Custom Creative, with our roots in custom knives and production runs. We also run the second largest knife making & blacksmithing classes in Australia, making it easy for makers to get the best head-start into self-learning and knife making success.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to supply all knife making supplies and accessories Australia-wide. For Blacksmithing and forging, you will need the right tool and knife steel, as well as quality forging equipment. We know knife makers are all basically hoarders, so we have a huge range of handle material and leatherwork and kydex to fill up your garage! We are a one-stop knife making shop for your knife supply needs. 

We want to ensure that you have everything you need to make things that you are proud of! With top quality steels and knife making supplies, you’re certain to have the most pleasurable experience in your craft. Whether you’re an experienced artisan or a complete beginner, Savage Maker Supplies is here to provide you with the tools and knife supplies you need.

For You: 

We want to play a big role in the future of knife making by being a place to support teaching and learning within the maker community. Our success is your success! Savage Makers Supplies is the place you can come to for answers about all your knife making related issues. 

Not sure what knife making supplies you need? Reach out to us anytime and we can help you get the solution you need. We are all knife makers ourselves, so chances are your problems have been solved already!

We Get It

Making a knife is awesome. Each maker has a unique process, time frame and method. It can be a slow and delicate process, and sometimes even frustrating… wait, make that EXTREMELY frustrating! A present for a family member or friend, a fast throw-together when you are meeting a deadline or a test run for an idea that’s been keeping you up – it’s vital that all the materials you’re using are high quality and trustworthy, so you can focus on what’s really important: the beauty to be. Your very own, custom-made knife. All the blood, sweat and (sometimes literal) tears are all worth it when you hold your finished work!

There are many processes involved in knifemaking. In the forging process alone, one requires (at the very least) a hammer, anvil, tongs, vise, chisel, punches, metals, and let’s not forget the forge itself! An artisan must be stocked up on their knife making supplies before beginning the process. Savage Maker Supplies is here for you to order each and every material you may need for whatever knife making method you’ve decided to use.

Support Local

Where we can, (and we would argue we can do this more than most) we ONLY supply the best Australian made products. This includes our Damascus steel. We don’t import any steel we wouldn’t use ourselves!

Shane was extremely helpful with great customer service and good communication. The website is easy to use and the prices are very reasonable. Thanks
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Knife Supplies Australia

When it comes to supplying Australia with their knife-making needs. We take pride in our commitment to excellent customer service. If you are not 100% then we are not 100%. Let us know if you need help, have an issue or we did a great job. We want to know it all!