Blacksmithing & Knife Making Classes

Have you ever thought about making your own knife? I have a friend who is always telling people about how his dad's built a chef knife over 30 years ago that he still uses to this day! Come make a custom knife with us, make some memories and a knife you can pass onto your children who can tell their friends this same story in 30 years time.

Savage Custom Creative runs Queenslands largest Blacksmithing & Knife Making Classes and the second largest in Australia.

We specialise in teaching you how to get into the hobby or to just have fun making.

Our whole goal with Savage Makers Supplies is to help our students get into the hobby easily with a one-stop shop that simplifies the process.

We offer a range of classes, from a high quality stainless steel knives to all forms of blacksmithing - hammer, hatchet, blacksmithing foundations, and blacksmithing knife classes!