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Making GALAXY Epoxy Style Resin Scales

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make a few different styles of galaxy handles or galaxy resin – depending what you want to use it for. Stick through to the end and you’ll be able to see the finished result – they come up really nicely guys!

First thing you want to do is just pour out your resin and get it mixed. I like to do this early because it just saves you time in the long run while you get everything else ready. It’s very important that you follow the exact ratios on your resin instructions otherwise it won’t set properly.

This one’s a two to one resin (eg. 200 mil part A, 100 mil part B). As you saw, we measure out and I’ll put it in each single cup – each cup is for a mold. Now what you have to do is to think out how you want to do each mold for each resin handle. So this would be the main color which is mixed. Set a timer of 45 minutes. I have a good idea about the rough working time and I want two colors in each.

Now another important part is thinking about your end result. So we want galaxy style handles right so I’m going to try a few different styles right here. Two I’m going to have black and the main component will be black so it’s going to be 70% and then they’re remaining in each of these cups. So the more or less you put into a handle, it gives you different results. If you want like a really, really mixed in handle then you put more of the secondary colors in or if you want a more subdued secondary colors you put less resin for the secondary colors.

We use a mixture of pigments and dyes. The reason for that is a lot of times you can’t get the nice depth and rich colors without using dyes with the pigments. The pigments give it a nice shine, the dyes give it a really good depth. A great example for that is the red. You can’t get blood red pigments but if you use a mixture of dyes you can get a nice blood red.

I thought I was recording but I wasn’t but I put glitter in these to give it the nice space effect.

Something to play around with as well is how you pour your resin. I like to use the base color on the bottom and then I’ll put the other colors on top. I won’t mix it in because I find if you mix it in you can get color dispersal too much and you won’t get the nice waves in there or the clumps of color which give it a nice character.

As you can already see here the back ones have already started to mix in perfectly without me doing anything. These are the first two and the last two which are here as you can see they’re sitting on the top but they’ll mix in themselves.

And just into the pressure pot. I leave it in the pressure pot for 24 hours but you generally can take it out after eight hours, I just wouldn’t cut up the resin blocks. As you can see here, you get a really nice color dispersal. It does look like galaxy like this but a lot of time you won’t be able to see how nice it is until you actually cut it up for the scales but the blue black and purple would be my favorite.

I’m just going to put some Constantia chinese wood oil on these. I use this on all my scales even if it’s resin, it’s really good stuff. Support local hit the guys up there on facebook – it’s really a good product.

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